Great things about a Portable Air Conditioner

Great things about a Portable Air Conditioner

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The very best ac for you depends in your needs. A portable air conditioning equipment takes in room air, cools it and directs it back into the space, venting hot air outside via an exhaust hose you install in a window. Controls on the machine permit you to adjust settings, such as for example fan speed and temperature.

This appliance is really a simple, versatile option to central air conditioners and window units. Made to cool an individual room, it's not too difficult to install and can be quite a wise decision for rooms without existing cooling system or rooms you don't have to cool all of the time. It can also supplement larger systems and help cool apartments or rentals where you're unable to put in a permanent unit.

Easy setup and the portability provided with a compact design and wheels permit you to move the air conditioner from room to another and reinstall it with minimal effort.

Ensure that your window is compatible with a portable air conditioner. Units fit different window sizes and those designed for single or double hung and sliding windows won't use casement windows, which open by swinging outward.

Choosing the Right Portable Air Conditioner

Whether you wish to cool your kitchen, home business office, guest bedroom or some other room inside your home, choosing the very best portable ac for the space size is beneficial. The right air conditioning helps you cool a room efficiently. An undersized unit won't cool adequately, while one that's too large won't remove enough humidity, leaving the air feeling damp. To find the proper air conditioning equipment, determine the square footage of the room you intend to cool by multiplying the area length by its width. You also need to know the air conditioner's British thermal unit (BTU) rating, which indicates the amount of heat it could remove from a room. An increased number means more cooling power for a larger room. Compare your room size to the BTU rating:

As much as 200 Square Feet: 8,000 BTU Unit
Up to 300 Square Feet: 10,000 BTU Unit
As much as 400 Square Feet: 12,000 BTU Unit
Up to 450 Square Feet: 13,000 BTU Unit

Bear in mind that whilst the BTU rating increases, the size and weight of the air conditioning equipment does as well.

EER means energy efficiency ratio. An increased EER indicates a more efficient air conditioner.

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