Why Choose Digital Signage for Your Next Event?

Why Choose Digital Signage for Your Next Event?

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Digital signage is revolutionising the way events look and feel. From static, fixed content on posters, billboards and signs, event organisers will have the energy to provide information in dynamic, eye-catching ways, from silver screen video to scrolling ads.

To be able to update information in real time and present content in ways which truly engage the audience can transform the entire connection with attending an expo or even a conference.

Here are a few top methods for how to utilize digital signage to have maximum impact at your event:

Big conferences could mean lots of rushing around for visitors trying to create workshops and talks in numerous places on a restricted schedule. Digital technology usually takes a number of the stress out of things – by streaming key events live on screens across the venue, people can bring it all in without having to rush in one end of the site to the other. And when there is particular curiosity about one speaker or event, no one has to miss out because they can not obtain a seat.
Real-time updates

Trying to make sure changes in schedule or other important information is communicated to all visitors once a large event starts could be a nightmare for organisers. But with digital screens, information may be updated 24/7, so everybody can be kept current at the push of a button.
Interactive information

You can bet that the majority of delegates at your event may have a smartphone, so reduce printing costs and paper waste by turning event programmes into an application visitors can download. Exactly the same information – event maps, schedules, exhibitor details, amenities – could be displayed on touchscreen ‘kiosks'round the venue. Visitors can search these to locate precisely what they are searching for, to find exactly where a specific event is occurring, or to create up exhibitor details from a symbol on the map.

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