How exactly to Choose Your Decorative Cushion Covers

How exactly to Choose Your Decorative Cushion Covers

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If your family area or bedroom needs a few finishing touches, or you want to give your property a fast refresh without redecorating, new cushion covers might be the answer. Without buying new furniture, curtains or carpets, and without even going near a paint tin you can brighten up your space and give it a new lease of life in this simple way.

Whether you're replacing existing cushion covers or beginning with scratch, a bed or sofa finished with plumped, fresh cushions will make a large difference.

You can choose whatever fabric for decorative cushion covers you like, but we strongly recommend linen cushion covers. Apart from being timelessly stylish and beautiful, they are made of natural fabric which looks so inviting and feels super soft to touch or lay your face on. It's always wise to have things that are not only gorgeous to check out but in addition practical in your home. Linen decorative cushion covers tick both boxes!

Browse around you for inspiration. Your home is your absolute best guide: go for tones and accents that complement or match your furniture, curtains or wall colour schemes.
Search for ideas. Instagram and Pinterest are bursting with fantastic interior design inspiration. And a flick through a glossy magazine can give plenty of inspiration. The important thing is to apply these tips to your actual life, taking the bits that'll work for you. Like, whilst a picture of pale silk cushions might look gorgeous, will they really withstand your child and puppy clambering in it?

Decide what look are you currently aiming for. Minimalism is an enduringly popular style, but we've noticed a small a reaction to the pared back aesthetic that has dominated for years. Sumptuous colours and bold patterns are having a bit of a moment. If you're not brave enough to embrace look this completely, scattering a few decorative cushion covers provides your interior up to date without having to be too overpowering.

Think about how you intend to use your cushions. Are purely for decoration? Do you plan to rest your face in it while taking a nap? Maybe you want to sit to them? Will they be used for different purposes? Choose washable, durable, easy care cushion covers if cushions will undoubtedly be in constant use (slept on, sat on, used as a help for the back, or enjoyed by children). Linen cushion covers are ideal for everyday life, as well as adding something special to a room. Only choose expensive or synthetic materials if your cushions are meant just for decorative purposes.

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